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Secure Patient Portal Registration
Now you can view your own medical history online. All you need to do is register on our Patient Portal. It's quick and easy, so call 620-886-5949 or stop by our clinic to find out how. The patient portal allows you access to your personal health records. When information technology is used appropriately, it can support patient care, provide educational materials, enhance communication, help prevent medical errors and make sure that we are always on the same page. It's also convenient! You can access information and communicate with your doctor from the comfort of your home.

What the Portal Provides

Registered patients will have secure access to the following services at their fingertips:

  • View a summary of your medical record, including medications, allergies, immunizations, recent test results and health issues
  • Send a non-urgent message to your MLMH healthcare provider’s medical team

Once you have been registered at the clinic or the hospital, click the link below to access the patient portal.

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